Sunday, March 28, 2010

What does the brand have against the generic?

Drugs are made in such a way that the patient feels they are useful, profitable and safe. When it comes to creation of a drug, we must say the process is very difficult. It takes years to produce a drug that would actually help and be effective. Most manufacturers want their medicine to cover all the investments therefore they need to be given a patent protection. This is what FDA usually requires. The patent protection grants you the promise of no other similar drug or the copy of this medication for several years as indicated in the agreement. This is a good possibility for the trademark to become famous and a nice chance of making the drug you created a one of a kind piece.

Most patent protected companies gains lots of money on their drugs being the monopolists. They stock the medicine they manufacture to the market and make a good advertising for it. Their drugs become famous but this happens due to the fact that they are the only providers there are. Having no competition makes manufacturers lots of money on their inventions. This way they recover the production payments fast enough to start something new that would be both unique and good. When the patent protection timing is up, anybody can use the original drug for the copy. And if they do it legally, they have to be the healthy competitors on the market mentioning the elements of the original drug. In order for the brand drug to be identical to the generic it has to consists of the same chemical elements and produce the same effect on the patient that the generic would do.

What make the generic medicine hard to compete with are the cheap prices they put on their products. It only happens because the generic drug manufacturers do not need to gain the money back from competing with anybody else. They are the only ones that stock the drug to the market so they make 100% profit from it. It is also great for the buyer as he is interested in two things most of the time - the effectiveness of the drug and its price. So before you take a pretty box in your hands and wonder about the difference in the price of the generic drug and the branded drug, think it all over one more time and realize the reason why the prices actually differ. We would advise you to go for a generic drug because it is the original medication that comes with a good price and we hope you will do so.

To choose or not to choose the local online pharmacy?

Despite the fact that the original (generic) drug such as Viagra has the same chemical structure with the branded drug, there are slight deviations when it comes to spending your cash on them. And the prices of generic and branded drugs aren't the only ones that vary. Sometimes different drugstores surprise their clients with the price differences. This fact has a clear explanation. Some companies that manufacture the drugs are rather small therefore they do not produce a big amount of drugs. And we all know that this means the payment per unit has to be bigger in order for it to work out on their company's benefit. Some of the companies do understand what is at stake so they don't risk to raise prices too much as they know that the customer is the most important piece of the chain. But the smartest have to be those manufacturers that have a possibility to make both types of drugs- generic drugs and branded drugs. They give their costumer a possibility to choose from two and pick up what they want accrediting to their financial status and buy Viagra or ant other drug at the price that suits their wallet.

The other important thing is the actual pricing for the pharmacy and the costs of land and staffing. There are drugstores that do not locate close by, they choose different countries and territories so they aren't interested in a cheap sale. Some online pharmacies will recommend you to use their services as they are "better" in quality but it is not the matter. Quality won't suffer. Who is going to suffer from afar away location is the client as he will pay for a delivery depending on the charges of country that he is ordering from.


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